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Richard Fairgray

Richard has created 1000’s of pages of comics as a writer, artist, colorist and letterer; his smash hit Blastosaurus was the top comic in New Zealand.

Faetured on: EP93: Comic Creator Richard Fairgray

Follow Richard at his Website | Instagram | Twitter

Larry Wilson

Screenwriter and co-writer for Beetlejuice and The Addams Family

Featured on: EP92: Screenwriter Larry Wilson

Check out and follow Larry at The Larry Wilson Screenwriting Workshop | IMDb

James Hsu

Podcaster and Content Creator – Host for Humans of Magic

Featured on: EP91: James Hsu Host for Humans of Magic

Check out and follow James at his  Instagram| Twitter | Youtube | Website

John Adkins

Military Veteran and Actor from the hit Amazon Prime Show, The Terminal List staring Chris Pratt.

Featured on: EP90: Actors Alex Angelikis & John Adkins

Check out and follow John at his  Instagram| IMDb 

Alex Angelikis

Military Veteran and Actor from the hit Amazon Prime Show, The Terminal List staring Chris Pratt.

Featured on: EP90: Actors Alex Angelikis & John Adkins

Check out and follow Alex at his  Instagram| IMDb 

Val Halverson

The costume designer for Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and Stargate Universe.

Featured on: EP89: Costume Designer Val Halverson

Check out and follow Val at her Instagram| Website| IMDb 

Tiffany Murray

Cinematographer, Writer and Director. Creator of the Southbridge sci-fi adventure podcast series.

Featured on: EP88: Cinematographer, Writer & Director Tiffany Murray

Check out and follow Tiffany at her Instagram| Southbridge Podcast| IMDb 

Tim Barnes

Tim has written for the Nickelodeon sitcom Warped!, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Nickelodeon All That reboot, and Comedy Central. Tim also created the hot new Comedy Central animated web series Maurice on Mars.

Featured on: EP87: Writer & Comedian Tim Barnes

Check out and follow Tim at his  Website| Twitter| IMDb

Dwight Simmons

Indy stand-up comedian

Featured on: EP86: Comedian Dwight Simmons

Check out and follow Dwight at his  Website| Instagram | Linktr.ee

Erik Passoja

Erik has been a recurring character on hit shows like The Flight Attendant and NCIS. He has also been on fan favorite shows like Firefly and Doom Patrol as well as voice characters from hit games like Red Dead Redemption and the Call of Duties.

Feature on: EP85: Actor Erik Passoja

Check out and follow Erik at his  Twitter| Instagram | IMDb

David Scott Holloway

David is a photographer and filmmaker . David has work on many legendary shows and films. He is perhaps best known for his work with Anthony Bourdain on Parts Unknown.

Featured on: EP84: Photographer David Scott Holloway

Check out and follow David at his  Website | Instagram | IMDb |

Zac Maas

Denver Stand-up Comedian

Feature on: EP83: Comedian Zac Maas

Check out and follow Zac at his  Website | Instagram

Jeff Cardoni

Jeff is a film & televison composer. He is known for his work on Silicon Valley, The League, CSI: Miami, plus so much more.

Feature on: EP82: Composer Jeff Cardoni

Check out and follow Jeff at his  Website | Instagram | IMDb | Apple Music

Lisa Datz

Lisa started in Broadway by has since branched off into films and television. Recently Lisa appeared on the hit television show FBI: Most Wanted. She has recently finished her short film Life of Riley, which she wrote, directed and starred in.

Feature on: EP81: Actress & Director Lisa Datz

Check out and follow Lisa at his  Website|Instagram | IMDb

Simon Fraser

Simon is from London, England but he is now living and now performing stand-up comedy in Columbus, Ohio.

Featured on: EP80: Comedian Simon Fraser

Check out and follow Simon at his  Website | Instagram

Ryan “The Grodfather” Grodzinski

Ryan has known the boys for many years and is friend of the Podcast.

Featured on: EP79: Conspiracies with the Grodfather

Check out and follow Ryan at his  Tiktok| Twitter| Instagram

Howard Lyon

Howard has painted for such properties as Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft TCG, Magic: the Gathering and Star Wars.

Featured on: EP78: Artist Howard Lyon

Check out and follow Howard at his  Website| Twitter| Instagram  

Rob Ramsay

actor and writer Rob Ramsay. Rob is know for his work on the infamous Blue Mountain State but he has appeared in many roles and has a great new show Pub Crawl.

Feature on: EP77: Actor & Writer Rob Ramsay

Check out and follow Rob at his  IMDb| Instagram

Jim Wise

Emmy award winning writer and actor. Jim was a long time writer for MADtv, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Arsenio Hall Show and so much more. He is also an actor known for his roles of Coach Tugnut in Even Stevens and Loud Howard on Dilbert. He also did voices for the Clerks animated TV series, Invader Zim, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and many more shows and video games.

Feature on: EP76: Writer and Actor Jim Wise

Check out and follow Jim at his  IMDb| Website

Dennis Mallen

Award winning actor and former Tech CEO

Featured on: EP75: Actor Dennis Mallen

Check out and follow Dennis at his  IMDb| Instagram | Facebook

Scott Hanna

Scott is a comic artist for DC and Marvel Comics. He has worked on nearly every major title including the big two: Batman and Spider-Man.

Featured on: EP74: Comic Artist Scott Hanna

Check out and follow Scott at his  Website | Instagram | Twitter

Ian Trutt

Ian is a writer and Director; he has recently wrote and filmed his web series Cam Girl due to premier soon. Ian also holds an MFA in screenwriting from UGA.

Featured on: EP73: Director and Writer Ian Trutt

Check out and follow Ian at  Website | Cam Girl Trailer

Chanel Ali

New York stand-upcomedian and actress. Chanel has an awesome comedy album and new hour special.

Featured on: EP72: Comedian Chanel Ali

Check out and follow Chanel at Instagram | Website | Linktr.ee | Comedy Album

Rob Emmer

Rob has been a recurring cast member on the hit TV series Impractical Jokers

Featured on: EP71: Rob Emmer from Impractical Jokers

Check out and follow Rob at Instagram | IMDb  | Cameo

Eric Falconer

Eric is a writer and producer. He created the cult classic show Blue Mountain State. He has also worked on the The Sarah Silverman Program, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother, The Mick, plus many more.

Featured on: EP70: Writer & Producer Eric Falconer

Check out and follow Eric at Instagram | IMDb 

Daniel J Perafan

Daniel is a New York stand-up comedian

Featured on: EP69: Comedian Daniel Perafan

Check out and follow Daniel at Instagram | Twitter

Richard Manzo

Richard has worked behind the counter in a comic book and game store for many years and managed a specialty game store for the last four years.

Featured on: EP68: Richard Manzo

Alex Weiner

Alex recently did the voice and motion capture of Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy game. But has also appeared on Blue Mountain State and multiple AAA games.

Feature on: EP67: Actor Alex Weiner

Check out more of Alex and follow at Instagram | Linktr.ee | Twitch  | IMDb

Clara Flaherty

Chicago Actor Clara has done stand-up, improv, singing and theater & film acting. First feature film My Little Renaissance Girl

Feature on: EP66: Actor Clara Flaherty

Check out more of Clara and follow at Instagram | Website | My Little Renaissance Girl

Zak Knutson

Actor, Writer and Director. Zak is known for his iconic role as the Sexy Stud from Clerks II. He has also written an directed the feature film Supercon. He too has directed the documentaries Milius and The Rainbow, and specials for Kevin Smith such as Too Fat for 40! and Burn in Hell.

Feature on: EP65: Writer & Director Zak Knutson

Check out more of Zak at Instagram | IMDb | Cameo

Gerry Thompson

Gerry is a professional Magic the Gathering player and content creator. He is also the winner of mtg Pro Tour Amonkhet and finalist of Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan, Gerry Thompson. Gerry has twelve Grand Prix Top 8s with two wins and seven SCG Invitational Top 8s with two wins. He has also made the Top 8 of Pro Tour Gatecrash.

Featured on: EP64: MTG Pro & Content Creator Gerry Thompson

Check out and follow Gerry at Podcast| Twitter 

Mike O’Keefe

Chicago stand-up comedian Mike O’Keefe.

Feature on: EP63: Comedian Mike O’Keefe

Check out and follow Mike at Instagram | Twitter

Jasper Anderson

Jasper is a special makeup and creature effects artist, haunted house effects designer, and specialty prop maker. He has worked on such projects as The Boys, Titans, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and multiple MCU Movies.

Feature on: EP62: SFX Artist Jasper Anderson

Check out and follow Jasper at Website| Instagram | IMDb 

Christophe Jean

Orlando stand-up comedian. Christophe is one of the co-hosts of the Jean Jax Podcast and host of the 15 Second Podcast. Recently he was an actor and writer for friend of the podcast, Jake Ricca’s new comedy pilot Get Good: check it out on youtube. It is a very funny and highly recommended by the WWSD Podcast.

Feature on: EP61: Comedian Christophe Jean

Follow Christophe on Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Kevin O’Dunn

Kevin had a career in the coast guard, worked 20+ years in radio and broadcast, and currently a Ayurveda practitioner. He might also be Seamus’ Dad.

Featured on: EP60: Kevin O’Dunn Tells Stories & EP53: WWSD Podcast – Year One

Follow Kevin on Twitter

Alec Sulkin

Alec has worked on Family Guy for 17 years and co-wrote Ted and Ted 2.

Feature on: EP59: Writer & Producer Alec Sulkin

Check out and follow Alec at Twitter | Instagram | IMDb | Podcast

Brittany Brave

Brittany Brave is the winner of Miami’s Best Comedian 2021. Brittany is a comedian, actress, writer, producer and host.

Feature on: EP58: Comedian Brittany Brave

Check out Brittany and follow her on IG | Twitter | Website | Cat Call | IMDb

Caslin Rose

Caslin has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade and has appeared in many TV series and short films. She also has a awesome podcast Always Acting Up where she shares horror stories, successes, industry interviews and much more.

Featured on: EP57: Actress Caslin Rose

Check out more of Caslin at Instagram | Website | Podcast | IMDb

Stephen Bolles

Stand-up comedian from New York. Master of roast battles and show hosting.

Feature on: Ep56: Comedian Stephen Bolles

Check out Stephen on Instagram | Linktre.ee

Jermaine Williams

Actor, writer and creator Jermaine Williams. Jermaine has starred in films such as Fat Albert, Stomp the Yard and The Great Debaters.

Feature on: EP55: Actor Jermaine Williams

Check out Jermaine at IMDb | Instagram

Corin Nemic

Corin has acted on such shows as Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Supernatural, The Stand, and Stargate SG1. He has also been in countless movies and shows. Corin too has been a screen writer, director and producer on various works.

Feature on EP54: Actor Corin Nemec

Check out more of Corin: IMDB | Instagram

Danny Gonzalez

Co-Founder of Perception, an Emmy Nominated VFX Studio and Design Lab. Perception was founded in 2001 and had their big break into the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) with their work on Iron Man 2. Since then they have worked on almost every big Marvel Movie and Show on Disney+

Featured on EP52: Danny Gonzalez & Jeremy Lasky – Co-Founders of Perception, an Emmy Nominated VFX Studio and Design Lab

Check out more of Perception at Website | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter

Jeremy Lasky

Co-Founder of Perception, an Emmy Nominated VFX Studio and Design Lab. Perception was founded in 2001 and had their big break into the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) with their work on Iron Man 2. Since then they have worked on almost every big Marvel Movie and Show on Disney+

Featured on EP52: Danny Gonzalez & Jeremy Lasky – Co-Founders of Perception, an Emmy Nominated VFX Studio and Design Lab

Check out more of Perception at Website | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter

Jake Ricca

Jake is an established Stand-up comedian from Orlando, he host’s the successful podcast Cup of Jokes and has over 190k subs on YouTube.

Featured on: EP51: Comedian Jake Ricca

Check out more of Jake at Website | Instagram | Youtube | Podcast

Steven White

Steven is a Chicago comedian and podcast host of My Black Friend’s Podcast. He lived 4 years in Thailand doing comedy and performing.

Feature on: EP50: Comedian Steven White

Check out more of Steven at Instagram | Youtube | My Black Friend’s Podcast

Lauren Dufault

Lauren is a Florida Stand-up Comedian. She has done improv and coemdy for quite a while and currently in the St. Pete area.

Feature on: EP49: Comedian Lauren Dufault

Check out more of Lauren on Instagram and her show Big Girl Pants Comedy

Derrick Kearse

Derrick is a big fan of cosplaying and creating cosplays

Featured on: EP48: Cosplayer Derrick Kearse

Check out Derrick on Instagram at @echocolattrolleur 

Zach Bennett

Zach has been doing comedy for over a decade and a integral part of the Daytona comedy scene.

Featured on: EP47: Comedian Zach Bennett

Check out Zach on Instagram @zach_makes_good_choices

Lyndsey Little

Lyndsey is the creator, writer and artist for the popular webtoons series OniGirl.

Featured on: EP46: Comic Creator & Artist Lyndsey Little

Check out more of Lyndsey at Website | Comic Onigirl | Instagram | Twitter | Etsy | Linktr.ee

Alan Linic

Alan is a emmy nominated writer and comedian. Alan also is a two-time alumnus of The Second City and former staff writer for SNL.

Featured on: EP45: SNL Staff Writer & Comedian Alan Linic

Check out Alan on Website |IMDB | Twitter | Instagram

Mark Nestico

Mark has written for TCG Play, Star City Games, and Channel Fireball. He has also played on the MTG pro circuit and currently, Mark buys and sells collectibles(trading cards and video games).

Featured on EP44: Writer & Collectible Dealer – Mark Nestico

Check out Mark on Twitter and Next Ridge Games

Brian Sipe

Brian Sipe is a legendary Emmy award-winning makeup artist. Brian has worked on epic movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel, The Terminator Movies, Star Trek Movies, X-Men Movies, The Suicide Squad. He has also worked on the Mandalorian and did the makeup for Boba, Ahsoka, and friend of the podcast Dominic Pace aka Gekko the Bounty Hunter.

Feature on EP43: Legendary Emmy Award-Winning Makeup Artist Brian Sipe

Check out Brian IMDb | Instagram | Website

Damon Lavenski

Damon is a 3d artist and was recently a layout artist for Invincible on Amazon Prime. He has also worked on epic films like Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War, Detective Pikachu, Aquaman, and Sausage party.

Featured on EP42: 3D Artist Damon Lavenski

Check out Damon: IMDb| Website | Youtube 

Chris Williams

Chris has acted in many shows and movies, such as Dodgeball, Silicon Valley, Curb your Enthusiasm, and Californication. He has been a voice actor on several video games including the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

Featured on: EP41: Actor and Comedian Chris Williams

Check out Chris: IMDb | Instagram | Twitter | Cameo

Greg Zajac

Greg is pretty diverse creative, he has done acting, directing, writing, editing, and special effects. Greg has done effects for shows like Celebrity Deathmatch, Gary and His Demons, and Saw. He has portrayed Homebanger, the Homelander porno-parody character from season 2 of The Boys on Amazon Prime. Greg is also a award winning film creator and very interesting guy.

Feature on: EP40: Actor & Creator Greg Zajac

Check out Greg: IMDb | Instagram | Sollis Animation | Cameo

Sean Began

Sean has been a standup for over 10 years, has directed and featured in multiple films such as Guffpunch and The Flower Tapes. He also does painting full time.

Featured on EP39: Director, Comedian & Artist Sean Beagan

Check out Sean’s work: IMDb | Instagram | Etsy

Dr. Joe Meyer

Joe Meyer is a Full-Time Lecturer at the University at Albany in the Program in Writing & Critical Inquiry. His publications include articles on early American literature, religion, and the heroic narrative. He hosts a weekly podcast called The Neutral Ground Podcast.

Featured on EP38: College Professor: Dr. Joe Meyer & Bonus Episode: MCU & DCEU Talk with Dr. Joe Meyer

Check out the Joe’s Podcast

Doug Appleton

Creative Director for Perception. Doug is up for an Emmy for his work on WandaVision. He has worked on Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, End Game, Black Panther, Ragnarok plus so much more.

Featured on EP37: Creative Director Doug Appleton

Check out more of Doug: Perception| IMDb | Instagram | Twitter

Torey Adkins

Actor and comedian – Tory has appeared in such feature films: 30 Minutes or Less and Real Steel, plus many more movies and television shows.

Featured on EP36: Actor & Comedian Torey Adkins

Check out more of Torey: Website | IMDb | Instagram | Facebook

Jack Pierce

Best selling horror author and podcaster

Featured on EP35: Bestselling Horror Author Jack Pierce

Terror Trax Anchor | Apple | Google Podcast | Spotify

Check out his Books 

Paul Roberts

Friend of the podcast and a voice actor. Big fan of Foam fighting like Belegarth and Dagorhir.

Feature on EP34: Voice Actor and LARP Enthusiast – Paul Roberts & Bonus Episode: After Hours with Paul Roberts

Jason Flowers

Comic artist and creator, recently done the cover art on TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 and #99 of the regular series. He also just published his creator owned book Bounty Bullfrog.

Feature on EP33: Comic Book Artist Jason Flowers

Video Interview

Check out Jason: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Joe Martin

Table Top Game Designer and creator of Lawman – Sci-Fi/Western Tabletop RPG

Featured on EP32: Table Top Game Designer – Joe Martin

Facebook | Website

Dave Macomber

Marvel Studios Stunt and Fight Coordinator – Worked on Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Avengers End Game, HBO’s Watchmen, and so much more.

Featured on: EP31: Dave Macomber Marvel Fight & Stunt Coordinator

Check out Dave Instagram | IMDB

James Mcdermott

Emmy award winning artist. James is currently the Art Director for Rick and Morty, one of the most popular shows on television.

Featured on: EP30: Emmy Award Winning Art Director James Mcdermott

Check out James: IMDb | Instgram | Website | NFT’s

Genel Jumalon

Video Game Artist, VFX artist, Painter and Twitch Streamer

Feature on: EP29: Video Game Artist Genel Jumalon

Bonus Episode: NFT’s with Video Game Artist Genel Jumalon

Instagram | Twitter | linktr.ee

Matt Bachus

Stand-Up Comedian from New York and host of the Hold My Bread Podcast

Featured on: EP28: Comedian Matt Bachus

Instagram | Twitter| Hold My Bread Podcast| Website 

Mark Darden

Creator & Writer of the comic Guano Guy

Featured on EP27: Comic Writers Sam Johnson & Mark Darden

Bonus Episode: Comedian & Comic Writer Mark Darden

Twitter | Facebook | Kickstarter  | Image Grand Design

Sam Johnson

Creator & Writer of the comic Geek-Girl

Featured on EP27: Comic Writers Sam Johnson & Mark Darden

Twitter| Facebook | Kickstarter |geekgirlcomics.com

Tony Karnowski

Comic Writer, Author and Musician: Tony is currently the writer of the webcomic series Pound. He has written three novels, Forgotten Prophecies, Path of Darkness, and Cameron and the Grim. Tony has also currently the drummer in the band Triadic Order.

Featured on: EP26: Comic Writer & Musician Tony Karnowski

Video Interview

Website | Webcomic Pound | Triadic Order | Instagram | Twitter

Brittany Hundley

Brittany Hundley has a Master’s in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, she is a Registered Mental Health Counseling Intern, a Certified Victim Services Practitioner, and a Certified Florida Crisis Response Team Member.

Featured on EP25: Mental Health Counselor Brittany Hundley |Bonus Episode: Ask Hundley

Website | Instagram |Facebook |Psychology Today


Combat Sports Expert, MMA Fighter and inspiring Journalist

Feature on: EP24: Combat Sports Expert Trey

Sean Finnerty

Irish comedian Sean Finnerty. He became the first ever Irish comedian to perform on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (2019).

Feature on : EP23: Comedian Sean Finnerty

Twitter| Facebook | Instagram | Website


Ivy has done photography, voice acting, cosplaying and played many TCG’s, Warhammer and everything in-between.

Featured on: EP22: Voice Actor & Photographer Ivy

Instagram |The Blood Drawn Chronicles

Mike Zapcic

Mike was a cast member for seven seasons of the cult AMC show, Comic Book Men created by Kevin Smith. He is also the manager of The Secret Stash

Feature on: EP21: Star of Comic Book Men – Mike Zapcic

Video Link

 IMDb | Twitter | Facebook | Website 

Rob Burman

Legendary special effects and makeup artist Rob Burman. Rob has worked on John Carpenter’s The Thing, Batman Returns, Super Mario Bros Movie, Power Rangers: The Movie, Star Trek, Tremors, Terminator 2 and so much more. 

Featured on: EP20: Legendary Special FX & Makeup Artist Rob Burman

The video interview:

IMDb | Instagram | Facebook |Website 


Friend of the podcast and massive comic book nerd.

Featured on: EP19:The Tyler Cut


AJ Wilkerson

Stand-up comedian that is diagnosed with Autism. Winner of The Portland Comedy Festival 2020. Currently the opening act for Jason Mewes.

Featured on: EP18: Comedian AJ Wilkerson

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

Patrick Gallagher

Actor, Comedian, and Father. A SWFL local hero and friend of the podcast

Featured on: EP17: Actor/Comedian Patrick Gallagher, March Patreon Exclusive, Bonus Episode: About a cutting board’s worth

Instagram | 2021 Acting Reel

Dominic Pace

Dominic Pace has over 80 acting credits including appearances on Bones, Prison Break, NCIS, Barry, plus many more. Dominic has become an internet sensation due to portraying the role of Gekko the Bounty Hunter on the Mandalorian Television series.

Featured on: EP16: Interview Dominic Pace – Actor

Video Interview

IMDb | Website| Instagram

Paul Farahvar

Comedian and former lawyer from Chicago. He is also a host of two weekly podcast, Singles Only & Make us a Mixtape. Check out his website for all his tour dates.

Feature on EP15 : Comedian Paul Farahvar

Video Interview

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  |Singles Only | Make us a Mixtape

Sarah de Gaudemar

Sarah was a animator for Robot Chicken, Celebrity Death Match, Coraline, Lego Batman Movie plus much more.

Feature on EP13: Sarah de Gaudemar

Video Interview

IMDb | Instgram

James G. Robertson

Author and creator of the Next Life book series.

Featured on EP12: Our Next Life

Video Interview

Website | Twitter | Email

Mike Disa

Mike Disa is a writer, director, and animator. Mike has animated many Disney films from the 90’s( Tarzan, Mulan, Hercules), directed Dead Space Aftermath & Dante’s Inferno: An Animated Epic, The Origin of Stitch, plus much more!

Feature on Drawn to do it: The Mike Disa Interview Part1 and Part2

Video interview

Mike Disa  |SENTINELS Podcast | Mike’s Website| Twitter |


A paramedic, single mother of four, and a OnlyFans content creator: with over 4000 pictures and 600 videos with 1000+ subscribers

Featured on EP08: Only For Our Fans

Video EP08: Only For Our Fans – Explicit

OnlyFans | Reddit | Twitter

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