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Weekly We Share Discussions featuring the uncensored conversations of two life long friends in their early 30’s. We interview creative guests every week to discuss their creative process and influences. We want to know what makes our guests masters of their craft, how they started their careers, and we want to get to know the person behind the art. Weekly guest include Comedians, Actors, Artists and everything in-between.

New episodes air every Monday 6pm EST and are available on every major platform!

The WWSD Podcast is hosted by Josh & Seamus

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Hosts of the Podcast

Handsome Josh
Married, a Father, IT Specialist, & MTG Fanboy.
Fan of SciFi, Comics, & Obscure Covers.
Multiple Batman and Transformer tattoos
Degree in Criminal Justice
Featured Mixologists Drunken Moogle
360 Unpowered Cube
Twitch | Twitter | Reddit | Instagram
Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church
Spiritual Leader & Reiki Master
Software Developer & Coder
Degrees in Mathematics and Physics
Creator of the Fart Mic